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London Bathroom fitters: installation, renovation, refurbishment

Hi there! We are D London Bathroom Fitters!
So, you need a bathroom fitter. You want to have a new bathroom, or you’ve decided to have your bathroom remodelled. You can get high-quality services at a good price. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re friendly, honest, dependable blokes who want to do a good job for you. A job we can walk away from with no recriminations. We even manage to do a job we’re actually proud of (now and again). We offer bathroom installation, renovation, refurbishment, wet room and shower room installation, tiling, and plumbing. We’re bathroom renovation specialists with over 25 years of experience covering the Greater London area. So, what is Your best option? Deal directly with the fitter!! It’s always cheaper! You can save hundred quid compared with big building or bathroom fitting companies.

  • professional and reliable service
  • quality workmanship as a standard
  • free estimates and quotes
  • realistic start dates
  • great attention to detail
  • All bathroom repair and installations
  • Affordable bathroom refurbishment
  • Showers and wet room installation
  • Bespoke bathroom installation service

Our Team

D London bathroom fitters is a dedicated and experienced team of fitters and installers, plumbers, tilers, carpenter, painter decorator. A small business specializing in bathroom and wet room installations, refurbishment, renovations.

Our services

We can offer you a complete service including installation, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tiling, plastering and small building works.

Our Prices

Our price range starts at around £ 3500 for a bathroom suite renewal including tiling, flooring and painting.

Bathroom renovation cost

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote!


We are ready to make an agreement or contract in writing . It should outline the scope of work, date of completion, disposal of waste materials, hours of working, payment details and so on.


We always guarantee our work
Any work carried out will meet or surpass current planning
and building regulations.
We guarantee that all work be of a standard a reasonable person would expect. We will be responsible for any costs incurred due to faults occurring to our (or our subcontractors or  employees) work for a period of 1 year.

Area Serviced

We operate in these areas:
Central London, North, East and South-East London,

How it works

We don’t sell any specific bathroom suites as we are the fitters, so you are free to choose from any supplier and take advantage of any deal you can find at the time
Once you have chosen the style and the design, we can give you a competitive quote for installation.
Just contact us and we can arrange to meet and discuss your project. At this time we can answer any of your questions and carry out our survey. We will give you a quote without obligation.


You will appreciate we cannot tell you exactly how much your bathroom will cost before we have seen it. We offer a quote with a detailed breakdown of the costs. Never trust a figure someone gives off the top of their head, as they’ve probably based it on what they think you’ll pay.
We are always happy to offer you a quotation after a proper survey and after you tell us what you want to have done.
So, contact us!


Our  Latest Works

You can see more jobs in our Portfolio page!